Monday, January 15, 2018

Objective Markers

In some of the missions you need to play in 30K there is the need to place some Objectives on the table. Usually, we end up using dice or some random miniature for this, but it's a bit boring, and potentially confusing.
So, I decided to make my own objective markers out of the bits box. I just stitched together some stuff to have a melta-gun with sensors, a barrel full of gas and one of these nifty flying skulls, labelled from 1 to 3 so we can track them properly.
It took like 10 minutes to build them and less than one hour to paint them so I am quite happy with the result, I might make another three :)

Painted in 2017.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Heavy Support Squad (II)

First post of the year 2018!

The last post of the Sons of Horus was back in November, but I have to say that these guys were painted in December, unfortunately, I did not have time to make proper photos until recently.

But the interesting bit is that the previous Heavy Support Squad that I showed here was posted in May 2016. so, more than a year after their colleagues were ready for battle, this ones are ready!

These six space marines add an impressive amount of 365 points to the Army.

Painted in 2017.

These two marines with Lascannon are not a unit, as the minimum size is four plus Sergeant, but as I got them as part of a bigger package with more marines, I could not say no, so I went ahead and painted them already. Perhaps they will see the Battlefield at some point!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Proyectos para 2018

Hoy toca seguir con el tradicional post de Diciembre y la recapitulación anual.

El año pasado conseguí terminar tres de cinco objetivos.

Este año 2017 mis objetivos eran:
  1. Pintar todas las miniaturas que tengo por ahora de Hijos de Horus 
  2. Pintar dos héroes para la Colección Héroes y Villanos de Warhammer:
    1. Tyrion
    2. Morglum Quiebracuellos
  3. Pintar los hombres bestia que me faltan del equipo de Blood Bowl
  4. Comenzar a pintar el Kickstarter del Panteón del Caos
  5. ¡Jugar! Seguir con 30K y probar un juego de temática fantástica, o bien con Skaven o bien con Caos.
De los cuales no he conseguido ninguno completamente... este año es un sonoro fracaso.

En realidad he conseguido varios parcialmente, pero no totalmente.
Del primer objetivo está casi todo completo, ya que me falta sólo un tanque y unas 20 miniaturas.
Del segundo tengo ya pintado a Morglum, pendiente de hacerle fotos decentes, pero Tyrion ni está montado.
Tanto el tercero como el cuarto no están ni empezados.
Del quinto me falla el haber jugado a algún juego de fantasía con los skaven o caos.
Por supuesto no hablamos de los stretch goals que tenía, que era pintar algún Primarca mas, ni siquiera he comprado alguno.

Pese a todo, el total de miniaturas pintadas este año asciende a:

  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Dreadnought
  • 72 infantería
  • 3 tanques

Llevaba bastantes años cumpliendo casi todos los objetivos que me marcaba, pero este año he fracasado, pese a que los objetivos eran bastante realistas. El motivo es que he estado mas o menos tres meses alejado de los pinceles ocupado en temas familiares, y mi tiempo se ha reducido significativamente.
Asi que no queda mas remedio que asumir que el tiempo friki por ahora está limitado e intentar plantear retos mas asequibles.

Objetivos 2018

Para 2018 los objetivos serán un calco del 2017 pero con menos miniaturas ya que la mayoría están pintadas, por lo que deberían ser mas fáciles de conseguir:

  1. Terminar los Hijos de Horus 
  2. Pintar Tyrion
  3. Completar equipos de Blood Bowl:
    1. Hombres Bestia del Caos
    2. Apisonadora Enana
  4. Comenzar a pintar el Kickstarter del Panteón del Caos
Sigo dejando fuera de los objetivos, incluso de los stretch goals el Space Hulk, el HeroQuest y las miniaturas extras que tengo sueltas.

Montaña de Plomo

Este es un pequeño checklist ampliando el que hice en Agosto de 2016.
El total de miniaturas actual es 139.

Hijos de Horus
  • Land Raider Spartan
  • 15 Reavers with Jump packs
  • 3 Sergeants
  • Davinite Lodge Priest
  • Praetor in Cataphractii Armour
  • Praetor
  • Master of Signal
  • Praetor
Colección Héroes y Villanos de Warhammer:
  • Tyrion
  • Shaggoth
Equipo del Caos de Blood Bowl
  • 3 hombres bestia
Equipo Enano de Blood Bowl
  • Apisonadora
Panteón del Caos
  • 2 Monstruos
  • 15 Guerreros del Caos

Los siguientes están fuera de los objetivos de 2018...

Colección Héroes y Villanos Señor de los Anillos
  • Balrog
  • Nazgul en bestia alada
  • 35 Miniaturas
  • Mobiliario
Early Imperial Roman
  • 15 bases
  • campamento
Space Hulk
  • 12 exterminadores
  • 23 genestealers
  • mobiliario
Colección Héroes y Villanos de 40K
  • Eldrad Ulthran
  • Avatar
Miniaturas Sueltas
  • Goku
  • Eddie de Diego Serrate
  • Sumothay

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad (II)

These are the eight veterans that were missing from my first post.

Two of them have magnetized arms so I can use different weapon combinations: boltgun, melta gun or plasma gun.

At the same time I painted them I also fixed the error in the veteran symbol of the rest of the squad, as just after posting them I noticed I had drawn the wrong symbol.

These guys add 128 points to the Army.
Painted in 2017

Friday, November 24, 2017

Nazgûl a caballo

Después de un pequeño parón, hoy vuelvo con una miniatura diferente. Un Nazgûl a caballo.
La verdad es que me encantan las miniaturas del Señor de los Anillos de GW y desde que salieron he querido ir haciéndome una pequeña colección.

Hasta ahora sólo tenía a Sauron ya que la Compañía del Anillo es de mi hermano.

En cualquier caso, aquí está el primer Nazgûl que pinto. En la montaña de plomo tengo uno montado en Bestia Alada y quiero hacerme con uno a pie.

La verdad que la miniatura es muy agradecida de pintar y el modelado es impecable. Son de una escala menor a la que estoy acostumbrado por lo que requieren mas atención, pero la verdad que se dejan pintar bien.

El problema que he tenido es al hacer la foto ya que al ser una miniatura que es prácticamente negra, he tenido que poner mucha luz para que se vea y eso ha provocado que salgan unos reflejos muy feos que impiden ver el degradado de la capa... el tema fotografía es un tema pendiente.

Pintada en 2017.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


From the moment I saw the Burning of Prospero box I wanted to paint Ahriman. It is a superb model, probably one of the best that Games Workshop has produced lately. And it is not a huge model as opposed to the most popular ones that have been recently made.

When I saw the Ahriman painted by KeyanSark I knew I wanted to use a similar technique, as I really like the effect he achieved with the gold basecoat for the armour. I did something similar, the basecoat was black but then I painted a couple of thin layers of gold on the armour areas. The overall effect is ok, although probably less shiny.

I am quite happy of something I have been doing for the past few years, which is keep trying new techniques and slowly improving my skills. I have been toying around with NMM for a while, never mastering it, but knowing the basics to get an ok-ish result, I think, and lately I am trying wet blending. I decided to use both of these extensively in this model, and see what was I capable of.

I still think that KeyanSark's model is better, but I have tried my best. Models like this forces you to push a bit harder and learn a bit more.

Here you can see the model with the base colours applied. Contrary to what I am used to, I only applied inks and washes to the grey areas, to bring up the shadows.

For the gold NMM I used these colours.

This figure has been painted as a present for my brother, as Ahriman is one of his favourite characters from 40K, which he painted some years ago.
I hope this is the beginning of his new 30K Thousand Sons Army!

For the pictures I have tried with different sources of light, as I was not really able to capture the colours.

Painted in 2017

I am getting slowly better at wet blending, which I applied here to the blade.

For some reason, in this picture the grey areas seem to have very deep shadows, but it is something wrong with the photo, in fact it is properly blended.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Legion Sicaran

Just after I took the photos of the last post, and before starting the holidays, I managed to get a few hours free, so I thought that I could start the Sicaran... to my surprise I managed to finish it, as even though it is quite massive, I used the same technique as with the Rhinos, so it was quite fast.
The technique is just: apply plain colours, a bit of highlight on the borders and lots of weathering. In fact with this technique the tanks and Walkers are finished quite fast and with an acceptable result.

The sponsors are magnetized, so I can choose from either the Lascannons or the Heavy Bolters. Both are shown in the pictures.

When I was almost done I had a small disaster, as I spilled a whole bottle of white spirit that I use to dissolve the pigments and to apply weathering... after some swearing and lots of paper towels, I contained the problem, but some parts of the tank were affected. I repainted them, but I think I can still see the effects, in any case, I will leave it like this for now, perhaps in the future I can repaint it a bit more.
Only one tank left in the Army, the Spartan!

This tank adds 135 points.

Painted in 2017