Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Genestealer Cult Army

Back in March I posted for the last time about 40K. There, I showed my Genestealer Cult Kill Team and I hinted at the fact that I was planning to grow it into a full sized 40K Army.

Well, in the meantime I have painted over 100 Fantasy miniatures and the whole Space Hulk, but none of my new GC Army. At least I managed to snitch all of the necessary figures second hand at bargain prices... small victories :)

At the moment I have 23 painted miniatures for the Army, which is not too bad considering the fact that the Army has almost 90!
The guidelines I kept in mind while building a 2,000 point list were:
  • lots of Genestealers
  • very little or no Heavy Support / Tanks

I like the idea of the Cult being mostly on foot and being led by a massive force of Genestealers with the Patriarch screaming ahead, so that was the first thing I put in the list.
After that I added a few of the miniatures I'd like to have, such as the Aberrants with an Abominant. To top it off a few basic squads of cultists with some of the nice heroes like the Primus, Clamavus and Kelermorph. To round up the points I added a few Tyranids to provide a bit of Physic support and some Swarms to hold off some Troops.

Even though I did not want to have too many tanks, in the end, I could not resist the idea of having one single tank, if it is a massive beast like the Stormsword! I always wanted to have one Baneblade and I never managed to add it to my Imperial Guard. To be honest, back in the day, the miniature was not available in plastic like today so it was much more difficult... In any case, the Baneblade is the only thing I have not bought yet and I consider it a 2020 project, because I want to build it properly so I have the eight variants, also known as the Octablade.

Here is the list, what do you think about it?

1) Tyranid Battalion Detachment - Hive Fleet Kraken
  • HQ
    • Broodlord
    • Neurothrope
  • Troops
    • 20 Genestealers (2 painted)
    • 20 Genestealers
    • 3 Ripper Swarms
2) Genestealer Cult Battalion Detachment - Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor
  • HQ
    • 1 Abominant
    • 1 Patriarch (painted)
    • 1 Primus (painted)
  • Troops
    • 10 Brood Brothers (painted)
    • 10 Brood Brothers
    • 10 Brood Brothers
  • Elites
    • 10 Aberrants (4 painted)
    • 1 Clamavus
    • 1 Kelermorph
3) Imperial Guard - Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
  • Lord of War
    • Stormsword

First thing I am painting, after assembling all of it, is the Broodlord and the Genestealers... I have 2 painted so only 38 left to go! Can I do that before the end of the year?

Monday, 14 October 2019

Tyrant on Monstrous Rat

This post makes me quite happy as it marks the very last one I plan to have for a painted skaven. I want to make another one with a group photo, but it won't be because I have just painted another figure.
This is also a significant milestone in 2019 as not only I have finished my goals for the year, but also one of the stretch goals! And I have painted almost 150 figures now... let's see how far can I go.

I have labelled this as oldhammer even though it is clearly not, but I just want to keep the whole army under one label. It is the figure from Forgeworld but I have decided to paint it using the same techniques as for the rest of the army, making sure it fits well with them.

The rat is pretty massive and it is way bigger than its base size, I was forced to buy a new case to transport it together with the cannon as they are both simply way too big for a regular case.

I painted this one with a white basecoat which I don't usually have because most of it is skin and I did many layers of washes and some dwarf flesh to get that (hopefully achieved) putrid look.

It's quite difficult to make good pictures due to the size, when one part is in focus the other side is out of it, so I have made tons of pictures to try and capture it. I hope you like it.

I am already working on the next stretch goal, let's see how that goes...

Painted in 2019

Friday, 4 October 2019

Warp-Lightning Cannon

Today I am sharing the last Warmachine that I plan to paint -ever- for my Skaven Army, a Warp-Lightning Cannon.
And the only one that is not really an oldhammer model. While it is true that I have a few more recent models in the Army, here and there, I did not have until now a big one such as this Cannon. Unfortunately, both for T9A and for more recent versions of Fantasy, a Cannon is a must-have for the rats and there is no alternative model unless I build it myself, and I did not want to do that...
Therefore, I have done the next best thing, get one of the recent models and attach a classic figure to it as master.
As I am basing all of the warmachines, I put it on a round 75mm base to follow the T9A guidelines, although I must say it is way too small for this figure.

I have used the same techniques I used for the other warmachines, that is, to pain it mostly with different shades of brown and go heavy on the weathering, rust and similar effects. While that is quite easy and fast to do, in the end it took me much more than what I thought simply because of the sheer size of it. It really stands out when placed next to my Army as it is easily twice the size of the Vermindaemon! You will see that on the family picture I will make after I paint the last miniature I have on the list, which is the Tyrant on Monstrous rat that I am already painting...

Painted in 2019

Monday, 30 September 2019

Doomwheel (II)

This is the second Doomwheel for the army, having painted the first one back in November 2015.
I followed more or less the same technique, with the main difference that this time I placed it on a base, as I am basing all of my warmachines to make them fit properly with T9A rules.
A I now have way too many warmachines and too big, I needed to build up a new case for the bigger miniatures, therefore, I did not magnetize all the components as before, just the pilot, to make it easier to transport and assemble it before the battle.
I bought this one second hand and unfortunately it was missing the pole for the standard, after thinking hard whether I should build one myself, I decided not to so that I can easily differentiate it from the other one.
On top of that, I painted it mostly with greens rather than with reds, that way, it stands out on its own.
Just two figures left to go for the last of the skaven reinforcements!

Painted in 2019.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Stormvermin (III)

Here are another eight Stormvermin to add to the existing unit.
With these little guys I have finished all the rats I needed to paint, I am starting now with the warmachines and will top it up with the Hero. Still a few weeks left for October so I might make it within my self-imposed schedule.

Painted in 2019

Friday, 13 September 2019

Gutter Runners (III)

Here is another wave of painted rats, the gutter runners in this case.
I already have a bunch of them painted, and the painting guidelines that I included there came in quite handy as I managed to get practically the same result.
I painted eight of them in roughly 3 hours, as most of the figure is just black with some edge highlight. I am quite satisfied with the speed for now.
I am tackling right now the Stormvermin.

Painted in 2019

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Clanrats (V)

I continue on a good pace to paint the rat reinforcements!
Here are 10 clanrats, not much to say about them aside from the fact that they are done and it took me roughly 4 hours for all of them. It seems that my efforts on painting faster this year are paying off.

Painted in 2019