Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Gutter Runner

I already showed last year a unit of 5 gutter runners and Deathmaster Snikch.

Altogether they make a unit of 6, which is a bit too short for fielding them in an effective way, so I am going to add another 2 or 3 to the unit.

Since I have most of the skavens I need already, I am not actively looking to buy new ones, so only when I find them in some job lot that interests me or when I see them in a second hand shop I buy them, therefore I will be adding them slowly from now on.

At the moment I am just adding a new one to boost up the unit to 6.
This adds 12,5 points for 3rd ed. and 12 points for the 4th ed. version.

Painted in 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016

Plague Monk Standard Bearer

Although I already shared my plague monks unit on April last year, it was not complete, as they were only 16.
I want to have at least two standard bearers for each unit, so that I can split them if I need to in some smaller battles or skirmishes, therefore, I painted my second standard for the unit.
With this one I will have 17 plague monks in case I want to field them altogether. I am planning on adding another two to the unit to have a total of 20 including Lord Skrolk.
The banner is painted by hand using the same techniques as the others. Unfortunately, the picture came out a bit too dark.
This add another 4,5 points to the 3rd ed. army list and 6 points for the 4th ed.
Painted in 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Painting Wargaming Figures

Hoy no actualizo para mostrar ninguna miniatura pintada, sino para recomendar un libro.
El libro en cuestión es Painting Wargaming Figures (Amazon), escrito por Javier Gomez "El Mercenario", pintor bastante conocido en el mundillo de históricos.

El libro me lo recomendó JFO y la verdad es que como le dije a él, si lo hubiera tenido hace 20 años me hubiera ahorrado muchísimas horas y creo que hubiera sido la guía perfecta.
A día de hoy no me ha descubierto ninguna técnica pero si me reafirma en algunas ideas sobre el pintado, especialmente en el énfasis en pintado de ejércitos con una buena combinación entre calidad y rapidez a la vez que me ha ayudado con combinaciones de colores difíciles y a conseguir esquemas adecuados.

Me ha resultado muy útil el capítulo sobre pintado de negros, blancos y azules, ya que son colores que generalmente se me atraviesan.

Tiene muchas fotos y paso a paso, sobretodo lo veo como un libro asequible con técnicas al alcance de la mayoría de los pintores. Por ejemplo otros libros de pintores de calidad, como Giraldez, quedan fuera del alcance de mi técnica. También es cierto que el objetivo de este libro es pintar ejércitos, miniaturas para ser usadas en su mayoría, y no pintar miniaturas para exposición.

En resumen, ya estaís tardando en comprarlo, por poco mas de 20 euros en tapa blanda es un regalo.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Clanrats (IV)

Today I bring the last clanrats that I have for the whole army.
They are 14, including a standard bearer.

All of them are metal, and the amount of detail in these figures is incredible! I really love all the tiny details such as purses, small badges, spikes on the tails and so on, that give them this unique feeling and are missing from the new figures.

I have painted them with the usual palette but adding a bit of extra bright colours such as red and blue, to show that they are somehow the veterans of the army.
On the shields I have done some freehand designs based on the ones in the Armies book.

With these guys I have added the following points
  • for 3rd edition: 84 points
  • for 4th edition: 84 points
I realize that I have fewer and fewer rats left on my painting table, the next in line are some leftovers from other units such as a gutter runner, a plague monk and some jezzails and warpfire throwers.

Hopefully I can post these soon, once I am done I will make a big group picture!

Painted in 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016

Skavenslaves (I)

For today I am sharing the first slaves for my army.
I have painted a total of 18 rats dressed with rags and holding rusty weapons, the worst unit of the whole army but a must-have!
I painted all of them at the same time, in three different sessions, as it was a bit tiring. I am quite satisfied with the end result, as it was quite fast considering my usual painting speed.
The techniques used to paint them are the same as for the other rats. I just made the weapons more rusty and the shields are totally destroyed, as if they would have picked them up from the trash, after a battle.
The unit is only missing a standard bearer which is already on the painting queue and a champion. The champion would be one of the Chieftains I already shared.

Total cost of this unit is:
  • for 3rd edition: 45 (although the minimum is 20)
  • for 4th edition: 45
That brings up the total cost of the army over 1500 points both for 3rd and 4th edition, excluding additional equipment and magical objects.

Painted in 2016

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Here is one of my favourite miniatures of the whole army, the infamous Gnawdoom.
I have tried to keep the palette simple and focus my painting on the green orb, which I have covered in a couple of thin gloss varnish layers.
I have another copy of it which I will use for my wind globadiers, this one is will be used as my commander Grey Seer.

Cost in points for a Grey Seer is:
  • for 3rd edition: 327 points, excluding magic objects
  • for 4th edition: 340 points, excluding magic objects

Painted in 2016