Monday, 11 July 2016

Skavenslaves (I)

For today I am sharing the first slaves for my army.
I have painted a total of 18 rats dressed with rags and holding rusty weapons, the worst unit of the whole army but a must-have!
I painted all of them at the same time, in three different sessions, as it was a bit tiring. I am quite satisfied with the end result, as it was quite fast considering my usual painting speed.
The techniques used to paint them are the same as for the other rats. I just made the weapons more rusty and the shields are totally destroyed, as if they would have picked them up from the trash, after a battle.
The unit is only missing a standard bearer which is already on the painting queue and a champion. The champion would be one of the Chieftains I already shared.

Total cost of this unit is:
  • for 3rd edition: 45 (although the minimum is 20)
  • for 4th edition: 45
That brings up the total cost of the army over 1500 points both for 3rd and 4th edition, excluding additional equipment and magical objects.

Painted in 2016


  1. I was curious how the 6th edition metal Skavenslaves would look paired up with Jes Goodwin's models. Not bad at all :)

    1. Yes they fit rather nicely I would say. There are some new models that can be mixed without problems, like the gutter runners or slaves, but some others, like the plague monks, stand out.