Monday, 15 October 2018

Konrad Venkel

I am really happy to share this post because it is the last one of the Kickstarter!!
The next post will be a happy family photo.
I decided I would paint this guy as a kind of Chaotic Elf, that is why he has such a clean armour and bright colours. I think it plays nicely with the rest of the band, that really show the colourful oldhammer style of Chaos, with many different colours.
I like how the tones of the white cape are blended together, I used glazes in that case and I think they turned out more or less ok. Will try again.

Painted in 2018

Monday, 8 October 2018


These are two figures with the same body and different options for head and arms that came as a Possessed pack in the Kickstarter.
I chose to the first one to paint it as a kind of samurai style warrior, with a single sword and no shield, then I painted him in bright yellow for a contrast. I think it turned out nice.
I played a bit more with weird heads and arms for the other one, and I gave him a very mutated body, I am not fully convinced by it, but anyway, the other options were also not appealing.

Painted in 2018

I realized after painting these warriors that I have at least one of each basic colour to play Parchís, so for sure it will be the name of this group within the band :)

Monday, 1 October 2018

Gorkus the Exile

I was not sure if I should pick this orc up or not on the Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter.
On one hand, I love orcs, but on the other, I am not so sure about Chaos Orcs. In any case I picked it up and here you can see it.
I tried to follow the classical orc scheme with leather, metal and red but with the extra add of a chaotic claw that I painted pink to match the others in the band and the tail that is also painted green but with some pink dots to show the chaotic mutation.
The figure is quite nice to paint although quite bad to photograph, due to the pose. You can only really see the face in the last pic, but it is overexposed.
The shield, as all of the shields from the Kickstarter, is great and nicely sculpted.

Painted in 2018