Monday, October 24, 2016

Magnetising Cataphractii Terminators

As you may have seen from my previous post, I have gone totally crazy with magnets!
After checking the great models of the Betrayal at Calth I decided I wanted to have maximum flexibility with the Terminators. I did not want to glue the arms in place as I wanted to be able to field different combinations.

In the end, after checking multiple sites and blogs that have different approachs, such as using pins instead of magnets, I settled for using magnets on the arms and gluing the shoulder pads in place. That should leave a bit of a gap sometimes between the arm and the shoulder, but it is difficult to notice.
First of all, I wanted to customize a bit the figures, so I went through my bit box to create unique weapons. Here you can find some of them. I created some power weapons using chaos bits and guitar string. I also customized some of the bolters adding a small chainsword below as I have seen in the Justaerin from FW.

As I have two boxes of Betrayal, I can field 10 Terminators that you see below assembled for battle with different combination of weapons.

 Here are a couple of pictures where you can see where do the magnets fit.

Close-up of magnet on shoulder

I also magnetized the grenade launcher.
 In this picture you can see all the options available and all the Terminators without weapons. They are also easier to store like this.

Free hugs!

Before going back to painting, I still have another post in the work for more magnet craziness for regular troops, looking to maximize options as well.

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