Monday, 28 May 2018

Legion Master of Signal

I was originally not planning on adding a Master of Signal to the Army, but as it was part of a job lot, I ended up painting it and occasionally using it.
It is a fairly simple figure, not very different from a regular legionnaire, just a special helmet and backpack.
There is just one miniature left on the Army!!

The Master of Signal adds 95 points to the Army.

Painted in 2018.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Legion Praetor

This is the Legion Praetor from Forge World, slightly converted to have Sons of Horus heraldry. The miniature is superbly detailed, even though it is a clone from the original. The only problem I found was in the sword, but once painted it is difficult to notice, unless you look at it closely.

I made a mistake while painting the shaved head and the shadow of hair does not really look fine, but I decided to leave it as is. I am almost done with the Army and I am quite tired of painting marines, to be honest.

It adds 100 points to the Army.

Painted in 2018.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Legion Chaplain

This is one of the first miniatures I ever built for the Sons of Horus Army, it is the Chaplain from the Betrayal at Calth.
I have never used a Chaplain in my Heresy games, so I have magnetized both arms so I can fit in different weapons and use it as a Praetor or any other Character. I can equip him with Boltgun, Boltpistol, Plasma pistol and / or chainsword, or powersword.
As a Chaplain, it adds 85 points to the Army.

I had a problem while applying varnish with the spary. The can is almost empty and for some reason it did a strange effect, that looks like some extra texture. I am quite unhappy with it, as it destroyed all the blending, but as anyway it was not so subtle, so I will leave it as is and will buy a new can of spray.

Here are two alternatives using the magnetized weapons.

Painted in 2018.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Legion Tactical Sergeants

Here we have three sergeants that I have magnetized so that I cam combine multiple options.
The three of them have just the right arm fixed with a magnet on the hand, but the left one has a magnet on the shoulder.
Here I show a few options, including Powerfists and different kind of Boltpistols and Boltgun.
They can be used as Sergeants for any of the Tactical Troops shown previously in the blog.
These are the last three miniatures for the Tactical Squads!

Painted in 2018.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Scythe: Bjorn & Mox

Otro pintado rápido para la facción de vikingos de Scythe.
En este caso no he podido seguir la simbología de otras facciones estilo Primera Guerra Mundial, ya que no hay un equivalente... así que he puesto un martillo de Thor en el techo de los mechas.

Pintados en 2018.