Monday, 14 May 2018

Legion Chaplain

This is one of the first miniatures I ever built for the Sons of Horus Army, it is the Chaplain from the Betrayal at Calth.
I have never used a Chaplain in my Heresy games, so I have magnetized both arms so I can fit in different weapons and use it as a Praetor or any other Character. I can equip him with Boltgun, Boltpistol, Plasma pistol and / or chainsword, or powersword.
As a Chaplain, it adds 85 points to the Army.

I had a problem while applying varnish with the spary. The can is almost empty and for some reason it did a strange effect, that looks like some extra texture. I am quite unhappy with it, as it destroyed all the blending, but as anyway it was not so subtle, so I will leave it as is and will buy a new can of spray.

Here are two alternatives using the magnetized weapons.

Painted in 2018.

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