Monday, 20 June 2016

Clanrats (III)

I have painted another batch of 10 clanrats.

These are the last plastic ones and I am glad for it, as I am quite fed up with them already. On top of that there were some in really bad shape, as I bought them second hand and could not remove all the painting, so some details where gone.
The technique is the same as before, using the original shields.

With these ones I can now make up a unit of 22 only using the plastic ones and then 3 for the command.

Total cost of these rats is:

  • for 3rd edition: 60 points (minimum unit size is 20)
  • for 4th edition: 60 points

Painted in 2016

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Project Skaven: checkpoint

The other day I decided to take a look at the skavens I still have left and see what is missing and what needed to be repaired. As I have been purchasing rats for a while I had a lot of stuff to clean-up and greenstuff as some of them have been damaged with the years.
I also took the chance to make a full list of all the miniatures I have now and the missing ones to have the army that I have as a goal. Therefore, I will be able to focus only on the missing miniatures of my list in order to purchase them.
I would also like to paint them in the upcoming months so I can focus on the Sons of Horus, but I am not sure about that as new projects keep popping in my head!

In these two pics you can see the last miniatures I have prepared, at the beginning it was just a pile of tin, cork and plastic but at the end we have chaotic vermin ready to be primed and painted.
This is to show an example of the amount of work it takes to prepare some of these figures, as they require extensive greenstuff repairs, cork and basing preparation.

Here we can see from top left to bottom right, chieftains, clan rats, jezzail, plague monk standard bearer, plague wind gobladiers, slave, gutter runner, stormvermin

The full list of miniatures I have is as follows:

  • 4 jezzails (2 painted)
  • 3 warpfire throwers (2 painted)
  • 1 doomwheel (painted)
  • 1 screaming bell
  • 36 giant rats (painted)
  • 3 master packs (painted)
  • 4 rat ogres (painted)
  • 7 gutter runners (6 painted)
  • 1 assasin (painted)
  • 6 plague censer bearers (painted)
  • 15 plague monks (painted)
  • 2 plague monk standard bearer  (1 painted)
  • 5 poison wind gobladiers
  • 1 Lord Skrolk (painted)
  • 18 slaves
  • 23 tin clanrats (10 painted)
  • 22 plastic clanrats (12 painted)
  • 2 clanrat standard bearers (1 painted)
  • 1 clanrat battle standard bearer
  • 2 Grey Seers
  • 8 stormvermin
  • 1 Lord StormVermin
  • 10 Clanrat Chieftains (4 painted)
  • 1 Engineer (painted)
So far I have the feeling I am halfway through it and getting closer to finish the project.

I have compared this list to the original one posted in 2015 and I have everything on that list already!
I just need to complete some units and of course paint them.

So the list of miniatures I still plan to get is:
  • 2 plague monks (to make up a unit of 20)
  • 12 stormvermin (to make up a unit of 20)
  • 1 poison wind gobladier (to make up a unit of 6)
  • 12 slaves (to make up a unit of 30, I also decided I will mix up some other races, to begin with, I will put some 9 gnobblars I found in my bits box)
  • 1 slave standard bearer (perhaps a conversion)
  • 1 Vermin Lord
  • 1 Warlord Queek
  • 1 Ikit Claw

Monday, 6 June 2016

Skaven Clan Chieftains

I had some extra free time the other day and these two chieftains have been laying around the paint desk for a while so I decided to give them a go.
I did a quick paintjob so both of them took about four hours, for me that is very quick!

They are chieftains for my ever growing horde.

With these guys I have added 56 points for 3rd edition and 118 for 4th edition, in both cases excluding magic objects.

Painted in 2016