Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Skaven Army for The Ninth Age

As first post for the year I have one that does not contain a single painted miniature, I hope that it does not set a trend!

I started to play a bit The Ninth Age at the end of 2018 where I got to put my dear skavens into action. Of course the couple of battles I played ended up in catastrophic defeats, but that is just the normal way of learning a new game system.
I have to say that I like a lot the T9A rules and I am looking forward to more games and even joining a tournament this year. I highly recommend them, go check their website out and download the rules, they are free!

But, because my Army grew more or less out of the figures I liked best and not out of a proper army list, and even in that case, it would have been suitable only for 4th ed Warhammer Fantasy, I find myself in dire need of a few extra rats to fill out the list I would like to play with T9A.

Interestingly enough, most of the tournaments I have seen play with 4000 or 4500 points so I have summarized what I need for playing a 4500 point list that I like and out of that there is a gap that I would like to fill (and paint) this year.

What I would need for my T9A Army is:
  • Battle Standard Bearer
  • Tyrant on Monstrous Rat
  • Vermin Daemon
  • Magister on Doombell
  • 2x 10 Footpads
  • 20 Giant Rats
  • 50 Rats-at-Arms 
  • 30 Slaves
  • 30 Vermin Guard
  • 2x 8 Gutter Blades
  • 8 Plague Disciples
  • 4 Vermin Hulks
  • 2x Dreadmills
  • 4 Jezails
  • Lightning Cannon
  • 2x Naphtha Launcher

That means, that I need to get the following:
  • 10 Clanrats
  • 10 Vermin Guard
  • Tyrant on Monstrous Rat
  • One Dreadmill
  • One Lightning Cannon
  • 13 + 16 Gutter Runners (to be used also for Footpads)
  • Two Plague Censer Bearers
For these figures I will get 10 classic plastic Clanrats, 10 classic Vermin Guards, a Tyrant on Monstrous Rat that probably will be the one from Forgeworld, the current Lightning Cannon, an old Doomwheel like the one I painted already, 29 Gutter Runners that can be a mix of old and new like the ones I have and two classic plague censer bearers that were in fact the very first unit I painted.

I am excited about these new additions and looking forward to put them into play as soon as possible!

As a last note, my old Khorne Daemon Army is also looking at me asking to be played in T9A, I am already drafting some lists...