Monday, 30 April 2018

Davinite Lodge Priest

The Davinite Lodge Priest is an event only miniature from Forge World.

The miniature is a clone from the original, that I got as part of a bigger lot, as I was originally not planning on buying it. In any case I decided to paint it as I can perhaps use it as a target for some missions.
The miniature used to have horns, but after a catastrophic fall from the painting table, he no longer has them!

The paint scheme is fairly simple, in red and golden. I have used a new technique for the skin, white basecoat, sepia wash and bone for highlights. I am quite happy with how it turned out, so I will use it in the future for miniatures that also require a cadaveric look.

Painted in 2018

Monday, 23 April 2018

Scythe: Gunter & Nacht

Pues seguimos avanzando con otra facción, el Saxon Empire.
En este caso el pintado ha sido muy rápido, capa base negra y diferentes pinceles secos en grises, un par de detalles en color y listo.
Siguiendo la temática primera guerra mundial, les he puesto unas cruces de hierro en el lateral.

Ya sólo quedan dos facciones.

Pintadas en 2018.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Legion Spartan Assault Tank

I am really happy to show the last vehicle of the Army, a Land Raider Spartan!

This is a huge vehicle, that I painted using only brushes, so it took me quite a while. I have followed the usual methods described in other posts, with a bit more care on the weathering effects.
I made a huge mistake when it was almost finished, as I applied pigments prior to the varnish stage, and when I sprayed the varnish, half of the pigments disappeared and the other half changed colour!

I then remembered that for the Sicaran I first applied varnish and then pigments. In any case, it seems that these vehicles are doomed, as I also have a tiny accident with White Spirits while painting the Sicaran :)

You can see in the following pictures that the tank is so big it does not fit in my custom lightbox, and that the pigments are not really well applied in the tracks, due to the varnish, mainly. I guess I will need to reapply them in a few months, but that's ok, I just wanted to get this thing out of my desk!

The sponsors are magnetized and I have made a few conversions here and there to add more personality to the tank. I added a couple of scrolls on the doors with greenstuff and a chain with skulls and helmets on the front. I think the overall effect is not too bad and it suits the rest of the Army.

Just a few more figures to go and the Army will be ready, I am starting to be really tired of painting all of this green.

This massive tank costs 295 points without any extras.

It was painted in 2018.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Scythe: Olga & Changa

Hoy traigo otra facción de Scythe, la Rusviet Union.
El pintado ha sido similar al post anterior, pocos colores y una única sesión en la que he pintado todo.
Me he divertido bastante pintando el tigre, es la primera vez que me toca hacer la piel de un animal que no sea un simple pincel seco... me han entrado ganas de meterle mano a un Hipogrifo o algún bicho similar. Creo que Louen Leoncoeur  sería una buena incorporación a mi galería de Héroes y Villanos...

Pintadas en 2018