Friday, 30 December 2016

Queek Head-taker

Today I bring an iconic model from 4th edition, Queek Head-taker, warlord of the Eight Peaks.
There is a newer version of this figure for 7th ed still available in the GW store, but I have always liked the classic one.

Instead of painting the armour in a bright colour I decided to use mainly brass and iron.

This one counts as a Lord of Decay (level 25 hero) for 3rd. ed. which is 117 points and 138 points in 4th ed.

Painted in 2016

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Proyectos para 2017

Hoy toca seguir con el tradicional post de Diciembre y la recapitulación anual.

El año pasado conseguí terminar 3 de 4 objetivos.

Este año 2016 mis objetivos eran:
  • Continuar con el blog, de nuevo el objetivo serán 50 ó 60 posts
    • Conseguido parcialmente. No he publicado 50 ó 60 posts, pero si 42, que es un buen número.
  • Continuar la colección de personajes Horus Heresy
    • No conseguido, no he querido acumular mas resina sin pintar.
  • Terminar el ejército oldhammer Skaven
    • ¡Conseguido! Este era el objetivo mas ambicioso y del que mas satisfecho estoy. En realidad en el blog aun no he publicado las últimas fotos de lo que he pintado porque he tenido mucho lío por casa, pero está todo listo y las fotos serán publicadas en Enero.
  • Nuevo proyecto: Hijos de Horus
    • ¡Conseguido! No sólo he comenzado el proyecto sino que llevo pintadas ya unas cuantas cosas.
  • Jugar a 30K
    • ¡Conseguido! Este objetivo me hacía mucha ilusión y como se ha podido leer por el blog, no sólo he jugado unas cuantas partidas sino que he hecho unos cuantos informes de batalla.
Por lo tanto se puede decir que he realizado un trabajo bastante decente, he conseguido tres objetivos de cinco y uno parcialmente, ¡casi pleno!

Para el 2017 voy a intentar de nuevo marcarme objetivos realistas. Como ya conté hace unos meses, tengo unas cuantas miniaturas en la montaña de plomo, pero como se que es imposible pintarlo todo en un año, los objetivos serán los siguientes:

  • Pintar todas las miniaturas que tengo por ahora de Hijos de Horus 
  • Pintar dos héroes para la Colección Héroes y Villanos de Warhammer:
    • Tyrion
    • Morglum Quiebracuellos
  • Pintar los hombres bestia que me faltan del equipo de Blood Bowl
  • Comenzar a pintar el Kickstarter del Panteón del Caos
  • ¡Jugar! Seguir con 30K y probar un juego de temática fantástica, o bien con Skaven o bien con Caos.

Como stretch goals tengo pintar algún primarca mas, ya que tengo muchas ganas de echarle el guante a Perturabo, y pintar los Early Imperial Roman.

Me dejo fuera de los objetivos, incluso de los stretch goals al Space Hulk, los Eldar y las miniaturas extras que tengo sueltas.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Cometh the Red Angel - Phase I Legendary Battle

This is the Legendary Battle that ends the Phase I: The Ashes of Treachery for the Campaign we are playing.

This is a very complicated battle for the Loyalists, with several special rules and particular deployment. I will try to summarize it.


The Loyalists have 2,000 points and Traitors 3,000. The Traitors have the requirement that Angron must be included in their army.

Additionally, the whole Loyalist Army must be deployed on the field first, and then the Traitor decides how to deploy. The entire Traitor army either deploys via Deep Strike if able or moves onto the table in the Traitor's first turn. The Traitor automatically gets the first turn. The only advantage for the Loyalists is that they can set up the whole board, including their own Fortifications, without interference from the Traitors.

The Primary Objectives are 1 Victory point for each enemy unit completely destroyed, or falling back at the end of the game. Independent Characters and Dedicated Transports also give 1 VP. As Secondary Objective, destroying the Loyalist's Warlord grants and additional VP to the Traitor's, but killing Angron gives the Loyalist 4 VP.

There is one special rule for the mission that makes it even more difficult, Deadly Atmosphere, which reads, for the duration of the game, all armour saves of '6' must be re-rolled (invulnerable and cover saves are unaffected). Other saves are unaffected. In addition, Armour Penetration rolls of 1 must be re-rolled.

Here is a picture of the deployment zones. As you can see, to make things worse, the Loyalist need to deploy first in the middle of the board and then the Traitors can pick any side to enter. So it means you need to be able to defend from any side.


Traitor Army

The Traitor Army was composed of a single detachment, of 3,000 points.
  • Angron
    • 15 Tactical Squad Marines
      • Sergeant with Artificer Armour and Melta Bombs
  • Khârn
    • 12 Tactical Squad Marines
  • Dreadclaw drop pod
    • 5 Cataphractii terminators
  • Storm Eagle
    • 16 Tactical Squad Marines with bolt pistol and Chainaxes
      • Sergeant with Artificer Armour and Melta Bombs
    • 1 Praetor with Paragon Blade and Power Fist
  • 5 Red butchers Cataphractii Terminators
  • Dreadnought Talon
    • 3 Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault Cannon
  • Deredeo Dreadnought
I think the plan was straight forward, unleash all of these meat-grinders into combat as fast as possible, while providing supressing fire with the Dreadnoughts.

Traitor Army arranged for combat

Loyalist Army

The Loyalist Army was composed of two detachments, the main one were the Sons of Horus with 1,135 points, the second one were Emperor's Sons with 665 points and then 200 points for Fortifications, which the Loyalist must include.

Sons of Horus
  • Centurion with Power Fist, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs and Artificer Armour
  • 15 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
    • Apothecary with augury scanner and Artificer Armour
  • 15 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
    • Apothecary with augury scanner and Artificer Armour
  • 15 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
    • Apothecary with augury scanner and Artificer Armour
  • 10 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
  • 10 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
Emperor's Children
  • Centurion with Power Fist, Jump Pack, Melta Bombs and Artificer Armour
  • 10 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
  • 15 Tactical Squad Marines
    • Sergeant with Melta Bombs
    • Vexilla
    • Apothecary with augury scanner and Artificer Armour
  • 5 Heavy Support Squad with Autocannons
Loyalist Army deployed inside the ruins of the Fortress
Our whole tactic was based on the fact that we wanted to have as many figures as possible to fight against the Traitors. We know we are going to be overwhelmed, so we want to make them go through two or more lines of marines regardless of the side from where they attack.
As you can see from the picture above, we placed the terrain with a bunker in the middle surrounded by an Aegis line, mostly. We put one squad behind each Aegis line, and the rest inside the ruins of the Fortification, the ones with Apothecaries, to benefit from the Feel no Pain. The idea was to react fast and concentrate massive amounts of fire by means of Fury of the Legion on any enemy. Of course we were aware of the fact that we had no Dreadnoughts and no Tanks, but they were simply too expensive to buy in a scenario like this.


As you have seen above, the Loyalist start the scenario with all troops in the middle.
The Traitors decided to enter the table from the side defended by the Emperor's Children, which is the bottom side of the picture above.

Turn #1

On the first turn the complete Traitor Army entered the table.
There were two units making a Deep Strike attack, the first one was the Dreadclaw with the 5 Cataphractii inside that landed on the right side of the table, and the other one was the Storm Eagle, that came in from the right side as well, but next to the World Eaters Deployment Zone.
The Loyalists were able to destroy one weapon from the Storm Eagle and remove one Hull Point from the Dreadclaw, as a response to their arrival, but that had little effect on the game. In fact the landing of the Dreadclaw caused the first few loyalists to bite the dust.

The rest of the Army entered the table.

Enter the World Eaters!
From the top of the Bunker the Emperor's Children oversee the arrival of Angron

The Deredeo targets the only unit that could make any significant damage to the Storm Eagle and manages to wipe all of them out, there are no more Heavy Weapons in the Loyalist Army!

Then there was the time for hand to hand combat. Even though we were behind the Aegis Line, all squads that tried to reach the combat managed to do so thanks to either Fleet, Move through Cover or both!

On the left side the Red Butchers managed to wipe out a 15-man squad and did not suffer any single casualty in return. Angron himself managed to wipe out the unit in the middle and Khârn did not need to fight at all. All units reform and consolidate towards the next enemy.

At the end of the traitor turn 1, all Emperor's Children units were destroyed save for Centurion with Jump Pack, that was running away from the combat!

End of traitor turn #1: a third of the Army is gone!
In our turn, we put all of our hopes into the shooting phase.
All units that were now on the front line maintained the position to unleash a Fury of the Legion. The unit on the bunker on the back of the table rearranged itself to go to higher grounds and have more people available for shooting in the next phase.
On the right, the accumulated firepower of two units at very close range is enough to wipe out the whole unit including Khârn!
On the center of the table, despite all the bolter fire, Angron just gets a couple of wounds and a few marines are dead, but they are still standing.
In the hand to hand phase, the Centurion with Jump Pack and the last unit charged the Drop Pod and they managed to destroy it, without affecting the Terminators inside it, which are thrown out and get ready for their next turn.
Khârn is dead!

Angron is still standing, and he is not pleased with all of these shootings!

Turn #2

During the second turn of the Traitors, Angron charges the unit in the middle of the field while on the right side the Praetor with all the squad inside the Storm Eagle disembarks and get ready to charge.
One of the Dreadnoughts target the Consul with Jump Pack that was running away from the previous turn, and kills him, thus ending the participation of the Emperor's Children in this battle.

Again, all World Eaters units managed to reach their targets, and since most of the units could not fire as they did a Fury of the Legion in the previous turn, there are badly outnumbered.

All units engaged in hand to hand!
As expected, Angron and the Red Butchers wipe out their unit and advance towards the next one. The Praetor does the same on the right side of the battlefield, while the Terminators on the south managed to clean out their area as well.
At the end of the traitor turn #2 only one consul and about 16 loyalist marines are left.

During the loyalist second turn, all bolters are fired against Angron who is now with only one Wound left!
The Consul with Jump Pack and the last unit charged against the Cataphractii Terminators, managing to kill all of them.

Angron is alone in the middle of the Battlefield, with just one Wound left

Turn #3

During the shooting phase the Centurion with Jump Pack is killed, along with the remaining marine that survived the previous combat.
Having just one wound left, Angron decides that it is wise not to fire his Plasma pistol.

Then it is the turn to hand to hand combat, Angron and the Red Butchers charge against the last surviving unit and they wipe it out, whilst on the right flank, the last three loyalist marines are killed as well.

Last combat of the game

The last loyalists are killed
It was not possible to play a turn #3 for the loyalist side as everybody was dead, therefore the battle ended.


It was a clear victory for the Traitors, and absolute Massacre. I guess the scenario is designed exactly like that, to make you feel hopeless and that the destiny of all of the loyalist is to die... well in that case, well done! You really feel like that, we simply had no chance to survive!
Nevertheless I found it fun to play. It is quite all right to have some crazy scenarios like this from to time, unbalanced and with weird rules.

Campaign results

Victory for the Traitors on the first phase!

Emperor's Children (Loyalists) vs World Eaters (Traitors)
Scenario: Blood Feud
Result: Traitors 6, Loyalists 16

Emperor's Children (Loyalist) vs Emperor's Children (Traitors)
Scenario: Onslaught
Result: Traitors 10, Loyalists 1

Emperor's Children (Loyalist) vs Emperor's Children (Traitors)
Scenario: Shatter Strike
Result: Traitors 0, Loyalists 6

Sons of Horus (Loyalist) vs World Eaters (Traitors)
Scenario: Blood Feud
Result: Traitors 18, Loyalists 9
Emperor's Children (Loyalist) vs World Eaters (Traitors)
Scenario: Zone Mortalis
Result: Traitors 0, Loyalists 3

Iron Warriors (Loyalist) vs World Eaters (Traitors)
Scenario: Shatter Strike
Result: Traitors 1, Loyalists 2

Sons of Horus (Loyalist) and Emperor's Children (Loyalist) vs World Eaters (Traitors)
Scenario: Cometh the Red Angel
Result: Traitors 11, Loyalist 6

Monday, 31 October 2016

Armies on Parade: Skaven

Finally here are all the rats arranged for inspection!

I have tried several times to make a picture of the whole army together and have not succeeded so far.
The first time I used white background and two sources of light, then there were too many shadows on the picture and the units looked blurry.
Then I tried using a background with some colour, but none were big enough so mixing several rendered weir results.
In the end, I just put a black cloth and I believe this is the best I can do for now.

The first picture is a bit from afar, but at least it's a group picture of the whole Army arranged together. Then I made some close-ups.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Magnetising Marines from Betrayal at Calth

For the same reason why I magnetized the Terminators I wanted to do it with the Marines: maximum flexibility for the weapon options.

Even though I have already painted a couple of Sergeants, for the remaining ones I wanted to have the option to field them with Power Fist and Boltpistol or with Bolter.
Same thing for the Centurion, that I sometimes field simply with a Sword and Boltpistol.

All options arranged.

Centurion with Boltpistol and Chainsword
 I also modified the Centurion from the box so that the original weapon can be used in addition to any weapon used by any of the other Sergeants, so the polarity of the magnets is carefully considered to allow for all weapons to fit in all arms.

Combi-weapon and Power Sword

Original setup

For the regular Marines I wanted the option to field them with different special weapons. Therefore I put magnets on the Melta, Flamers, Volkites and regular Bolters.
Basically because Melta, Volkites and Flamers are not going to be part of my regular options, but I might use them, therefore when I do not need those, they will use Bolters.
Additionally I added magnets to the Vexillas, so I can decide when and how to use them.

Example of each type of weapon and Vexilla
And lastly I added magnets to the Traitor Librarian in Terminator Armour. Basically because it is impossible to store and transport if you glue it together.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Magnetising Cataphractii Terminators

As you may have seen from my previous post, I have gone totally crazy with magnets!
After checking the great models of the Betrayal at Calth I decided I wanted to have maximum flexibility with the Terminators. I did not want to glue the arms in place as I wanted to be able to field different combinations.

In the end, after checking multiple sites and blogs that have different approachs, such as using pins instead of magnets, I settled for using magnets on the arms and gluing the shoulder pads in place. That should leave a bit of a gap sometimes between the arm and the shoulder, but it is difficult to notice.
First of all, I wanted to customize a bit the figures, so I went through my bit box to create unique weapons. Here you can find some of them. I created some power weapons using chaos bits and guitar string. I also customized some of the bolters adding a small chainsword below as I have seen in the Justaerin from FW.

As I have two boxes of Betrayal, I can field 10 Terminators that you see below assembled for battle with different combination of weapons.

 Here are a couple of pictures where you can see where do the magnets fit.

Close-up of magnet on shoulder

I also magnetized the grenade launcher.
 In this picture you can see all the options available and all the Terminators without weapons. They are also easier to store like this.

Free hugs!

Before going back to painting, I still have another post in the work for more magnet craziness for regular troops, looking to maximize options as well.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Imperial Knight: Magnetising (I)

As I showed in a previous post I got a Knight a while ago, so of course as soon as I had time, after finishing the skavens, I started to assemble it.

I wanted to make sure I have all possible combinations available, so I would need to use a lot of magnets.
I have to say that probably the Imperial Knight is the best kit from Games Workshop I have ever prepared, most of the parts would not even need glue, they are just designed so that they fit perfectly.

Before I started to work on it, I browsed the web looking for information on how people have configured their Knights so that they can change the weapon combinations.
I found out lots of information, but these two were the best in terms of clear pictures and instructions:

After gathering all info, the only remaining part was to start preparing it. It took me about 4-6 hours to prepare all pieces, and add green stuff and magnets.
Here is an explanation of what I did, in case somebody finds it useful.

First of all, an overview of all the pieces of the Knight.

I have not glued the shoulders in place to the upper body, so that I can paint them easily, but those would not have a magnet in the end, they will just be glued.

I found out a common problem with the Knights that are not glued together, that is, that the union of the upper body and the legs is quite weak and they tend to move a lot. So I went ahead and created a plasticard structure inside the body to ensure that the connection is firm and snaps in place, without any flexibility.
There is one magnet in the legs, and another one in the upper body, just on the crossing of those two pieces of plasticard, you can see the detail in the pictures.

You can see the magnet inside the body from here
 The legs were the simplest part, I just glued all components and put a magnet on top. In order to make the union more secure, I put a big plasticard stick so that it fits into the hole of the upper body.

Legs and body attached
I also put magnets on the carapace so that I can decide if it will have any weapon on top.
In total I used five magnets in this part, as the rocket launcher has two kinds of rockets, shown on the right side of the picture.

The arms are the trickiest part of the whole Knight.
After watching many videos, I decided to go for sawing the upper part, drilling a hole big enough for the magnet and making sure any arm combination could fit in both magnets. Make sure you get the polarity correct.

For the arms I just filled with greenstuff the upper part and stuck a magnet on top.
There are four arms and five combinations. That means that you have three arms that are always stuck in same combination, which is the Ratling, the Power fist and the chain sword, that are the easy ones.

Example of arms attached
Then you have the difficult part, which is ensuring a single arm will work for the Battle Cannon and for the Thermal Cannon.

This is how I did it.

Make sure you put the magnet on top to attach the arm as the rest of the arms, then try out all possible combinations until you find out good spots for attaching magnets in all parts.
You would need to cut the cable of one of the parts of the Thermal Cannon, as it must go inside of the structure, and you would not be able to remove it once the structure is in place. Make sure you try out all parts and put magnets in all of those before gluing them together.

All parts that would need a magnet in order to make the Battle or the Thermal Cannon.

You can see on the left the magnet for the left side barrel for the Battle Cannon and on the right, inside there is a part for Thermal Cannon, with another magnet.
 Then you attach a magnet for both the Battle Cannon and the Thermal. As they both come with a plastic piece inside that you are supposed to remove, I recommend not removing it and reusing it for your magnet.

 Example of Battle Cannon attached.

Example of Thermal attached. As you can see it does not fit 100% fine, so I need to tweak a bit the position of the magnet on the Thermal side.

The last thing I magnetized was the multi melta and the heavy stubber that go on the side of the head, that is a pretty straight forward job, since you just need to cut the top and place a magnet on both sides.

Example of a fully magnetized Knight, although some parts are missing as they are not glued yet for easier painting.

This is the base, after adding some texture to it. The base will also be magnetized, along with the feet, so that I can store it easily.