Monday, 2 November 2015


Well, the last skaven I posted was in July, as I have been busy with many other side projects, but I have managed to steal one hour here and there to finish this one.
I doubt that I will have more time in either November or December, so most probably this is the last mini of the year...

Although this unit is not available in 3rd edition, from the beginning I knew I wanted to have one in my army, the model is just too cool. I can still use it as "count as" or for my 4th ed. games.

I wanted to have some of the original flavour, but keeping it in line with the palette of the army, so, less bright colours and more browns and dark tones. The red parts were painted as in the original model but that is pretty much it, I wanted to use brownish tones instead of black for the wood. I also added parts of different colours to give that patched feel as well as tones of inks, pigments and washes to make it look old and dirty. I am happy with how that turned out.

The robes of the engineer are similar to the Jezzail units as I want to keep that style for the skavens manning the machines. The warpstone generators were painted in blue in the original, but I have painted them bright green like in the rest of the army and given them a couple of layers of gloss varnish.

The banner is painted by hand following the same techniques as for other units.

I magnetized all components to make it easier to store and transport, as you can see in the last photo.

Painted in 2015

There are some skaven runes in the side.

Different components with the magnets