Monday, 15 May 2017

Tartaros Terminators

For today I bring the Tartaros Terminators from the Burning of Prospero box.
I have magnetised them like the Cataphractii so I can mix different set of weapons. I have only two with fixed arms, that is a Powerfist and Combi-bolter, and Chainfist and Combi-bolter.

Here are some pictures of the different combinations that I can have.

With all magnetised options removed

With Heavy Flamer

With Reaper Cannon
This adds 175 points without equipment to the Army.

Painted in 2017

Monday, 8 May 2017

Rhino (I)

This is the first of the two Rhinos I have for the Sons of Horus.
It is not an original Forge World model and you can clearly see it. The cast is simply awful and most of the pieces do not fit together. I just added a couple of brass icons to focus the eye on them and distract you from the many defects of the model.
Because of that, I decided to give it a quick paint job, focusing on the weathering and forget about the rest.
Therefore, I just applied basic colours, without any highlight, as you can see below as a first step.

Then I started to apply inks and washes and painted some scratches. Again I tried to keep it simple, but I overdid it in most of the areas.

After this step, I just started applying enamels and pigments.

After making these pictures, I applied matt-varnish with an Army Painter spray and I noticed that most of the pigments have darkened significantly. I will keep that in mind for the next figures.

A Rhino adds 35 points to the Army.

Painted in 2017

Monday, 1 May 2017

Legion Standard Bearer

I was not planning to get this miniature at all, even though it is quite nice, because I don't think I will ever field it battle, but as it came with a package of miniatures I bought from a friend, I thought I would paint it, as it looks nice with the command squad.
For the standard I decided to keep it simple and just paint the Eye of Horus.
There is no individual cost for this bearer, but the Legion Command Squad, consisting of two marines and one standard bearer costs 100 points.

Painted in 2017