Monday, October 10, 2016


This will be my last post with newly painted skavens until I get my claws into the remaining ~20 to finish up the Army.

I am adding two Warlords to the Army, in 3rd ed. they are 117 points each and in 4th ed. 90. Anyway you can only have one of these in the Army, so I must use the other as a Chieftain or Champion.

The first one is a Classic Model with halberd, the same one as one of the very first models I painted.

You can compare it to the first one I painted, in 2015. I think the glow effect looks better in the new one.

This other model is one of the few miniatures from newer editions that I have in the Army.
I saw it in a second hand shop and I simply liked it so much that I decided to buy it to lead my Stormvermin. That is why I have painted it in the same scheme.
I really like how the severed Dwarf head has turned out. I have used the same blood technique I mentioned when painting Konrad Curze.

Both are painted in 2016.

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