Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Clanrats (IV)

Today I bring the last clanrats that I have for the whole army.
They are 14, including a standard bearer.

All of them are metal, and the amount of detail in these figures is incredible! I really love all the tiny details such as purses, small badges, spikes on the tails and so on, that give them this unique feeling and are missing from the new figures.

I have painted them with the usual palette but adding a bit of extra bright colours such as red and blue, to show that they are somehow the veterans of the army.
On the shields I have done some freehand designs based on the ones in the Armies book.

With these guys I have added the following points
  • for 3rd edition: 84 points
  • for 4th edition: 84 points
I realize that I have fewer and fewer rats left on my painting table, the next in line are some leftovers from other units such as a gutter runner, a plague monk and some jezzails and warpfire throwers.

Hopefully I can post these soon, once I am done I will make a big group picture!

Painted in 2016

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