Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Skaven army list

I plan to collect the Skaven based on the army I wanted to play rather than collecting a small army and then growing it from there, which is usually the case.
I am going to make a rough sketch of the army list and then let's see how do we go from there.

The Fantasy edition I am going to base the army on is 4th, since it is the one I usually enjoy the most when playing.

As already posted, my original inspiration for the army comes from a White Dwarf article by Andy Chambers, here is the original army composition for 3rd edition.

I want to keep in mind some ideas while building the army:
  • fun to collect
  • fun to paint
  • use mainly miniatures I could get at the time of the original article was published
  • collect based on "feeling" rather than army usefulness
  • try not to spend too much money!

That basically limits some of the choices I can make.

I will not get any of the latest plastic miniatures and I should get the things I will enjoy painting. For example although the original Andy Chambers' army does not contain a Doomwheel, my army most certainly will! As it is a model I have always wanted to paint.
It is also very important to avoid most of the new miniatures since I do not like how they look, as I think they have lost the look n' feel of the old rats sculpted by Jes Goodwin or Colin Dixon.
In order to avoid spending too much I will try to hunt down most of the figures on ebay and trading my dwarfs for them on the oldhammer trading group.

To sum up, the rough sketch of the army consists of:
  • 2 units of clanrats
  • 2 warpfire throwers
  • 4 poison wind globadiers
  • 1 unit of slaves
  • 1 unit of stormvermin
  • 1 unit of gutter runners
  • 1 unit of plague monks with censor bearers
  • 4 rat ogres
  • 1 unit of giant rats
  • doomwheel
  • giant bell
  • 4 jezzails
Most probably this will be modified based on what I find or what I enjoy painting, nevertheless I will give an update when I have enough miniatures to show, as some already started coming end of last month!

Taking into account this rough sketch I have tried to create an army list based on 4th edition. I see that I was too ambitious as I was not able to fit all into a 2000 points army but anyway that was not my intention.
It seems I will need to play with the army a little until I get a hold on the usefulness of some units and equipment. It just seems that my last 4th edition game happened a long time ago...

  • 1 Skaven Warlord General 284 pts
    • Magic heavy armour TSE 4+
    • Pistol
    • Fellblade
  • 1 Battle Standard 182
    • Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat
    • Heavy Armour
    • Pistol
  • 28 Clanrats 235
    • Spears, standard bearer, musician
    • 2x Wind Globadiers

  • 1 Chieftain 114
    • Skaven Brew
  • 29 Clanrats 295
    • Spears, standard bearer, musician
    • 1x Warpfire thrower
    • 1x Assassin

  • Grey Seer 650
    • Warpstone armour
    • Seer Stone
    • Dispell Scroll
    • Screaming Bell
  • 20 Stormvermin 345
    • Halbers, shields, standard bearer, musician
    • 1x Warpfire Thrower

  • 30 Slaves 90
    • Spears

  • 20 Plague Monks 244
    • 2 hand combat weapons, standard bearer, musician
    • 6x Plague Censer
  • 1 Warlock Engineer 81
    • 1 dispell scroll

  • 14 Gutter Runners 212
    • 2 hand combat weapons
    • 1x Assassin

  • 4 Jezzails 120
  • Doomwheel 150

  • 30 Giant Rats 95
    • 2 packmasters
  • 4 Rat Ogres 192
    • 2 packmasters

Total: 3289 points

Let's see when I start preparing the first miniatures and hopefully put them to test, soon.

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  1. Muchas unidades con cerca de 30 ufffff para pintar eso