Monday, 19 January 2015

First skavens arrived!

Since these days I found myself spending more and more time in ebay and trading groups in facebook than any other internet activity, I thought I would go ahead and share it here as well!

The first skavens have started to arrive and a small army is quickly forming up!
I have picked up old figures from ebay in different countries (Spain, UK and Germany so far) as well as facebook trading group. I have to say that the experience so far has been highly positive and I have nothing bad to report.

Here are some pictures of what I have so far and an updated checklist.

You can see that some miniatures are painted to a very nice standard but unfortunately I will have to strip the paint of all as I want to achieve a consistent result which I can only get if all figures have the same painting style.
Maybe some of the figures I will keep painted and just use it as a basecoat...

Army picture

Skrolk (nicely painted!) and verminlord (general)

Plague censers

Huge unit of giant rats

Lots of plague monks, these figures are great! Only two models left to have a full collection

Packmasters, including Throt the Unclean

War machines of madness! One wheel, one bell and one jezzail (for now)

Unit of clanrats with command

While I was writing this post I got my claws on some other miniatures for which I do not have pictures yet.
This is the updated wishlist. If you have some items of the following list please let me know!

  • 1 unit of clanrats
  • 1 unit of clanrats
  • 2 warpfire throwers
  • 4 poison wind globadiers
  • 1 unit of slaves
  • 1 unit of stormvermin
  • 1 unit of gutter runners
  • 1 unit of plague monks with censor bearers
  • 2 rat ogres
  • 2 rat ogres
  • 1 unit of giant rats
  • doomwheel
  • giant bell
  • 1 jezzail
  • 1 jezzail
  • 1 jezzail
  • 1 jezzail

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