Monday, 11 June 2018

Armies on Parade: Sons of Horus

After the last post I am very happy to share this one, in which I can recap the whole project!

This has been my second long project since I have the blog, after the skavens.

The Skaven project started back on the 18th February, 2015 and the last post was on the 3rd April, 2017, although the last models were painted in December, 2016. That means it took me roughly 2 years to complete it.

The Sons of Horus first appeared on the blog on the 1st of December, 2015, although the first test model was posted on 29th January, 2016, as the last post is from the 4th of June, 2018, even though the last models were painted at the end of April, it means that this project has taken a bit over 2 years, somehow similar to the Skaven Project.

I have been thinking about my big projects lately and I have decided to take a break from them for a while, so that I can paint whatever I feel like for the time being. Honestly, the last figures of this Army took me a lot of time to paint as I could not find the inspiration nor the energy to complete them. I also cut many corners while painting them and in general I did not spend so much effort compared to the rest of the Army, that means the overall quality of these last figures is lower than the rest. That only reinforces the fact that I want to have total freedom for the next few months so I can paint different miniatures: HeroQuest, Pantheon of Chaos, Lord of the Rings... I don't want to reach again this point where I feel exhausted from a project.

But don't think that the outcome of this Project is not positive, on the contrary, in fact I am quite  satisfied as how it has turned out. I am happy with the overall look and feel of the Army, with the little changes done here and there and how everything seems to fit together nicely, with a paint scheme that I am happy with.

The grand total of the Army shows impressive numbers (for me):
  • 1 Imperial Knight
  • 3 Dreadnoughts
  • 4 Tanks
  • 19 Terminators
  • 112 Marines
Of course I would still like to grow a bit. Being a big fan of Dreadnoughts I would like to add more firepower with a Deredeo and a Leviathan. And being a big fan as well of Super Heavies, I would fancy a Falchion Super Heavy Tank. In any case I am going to leave these for a future (far future, for now) extension project. I don't have the energy (nor the money) for it at the moment!

Here are some photos of the full Army arranged for a parade. I think that even though there is a difference of two years between the painting of some of these miniatures, it is difficult to notice, as they fit together nicely.

Close-up of Horus surveying the whole Army

Rear view, look at all of those backpacks!

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