Monday, April 3, 2017

Skaven project: final thoughts

I started this project back in February 2015 and painted the last miniature during December 2016, although I published it in February 2017 due to some time constraints to take photos and prepare the blog posts.

So in a roughly two years I have painted 200 rats more or less and accumulated around 5000 points for 4th ed. and around 3000 for 3rd ed!!!
I know that for most people that is not a very impressing speed, but for my standard, finishing a big project in ~2 years, is quite the accomplishment so I am really satisfied with it.

It has been an incredible ride, to be honest.
Collecting a pure oldhammer Army (except for ~10 figures) is a challenging task, well suited for veterans in this hobby I would say, but not easier to follow it through. I have seen many posts in the Oldhammer Facebook Group from people just selling their projects in the middle, because it is too demanding.
It is much easier to just go to your shop and grab as many boxes and blisters as you need, but with an Oldhammer project you need to constantly search ebay, facebook and forums for miniatures.

It took me about 2-3 months to find some particular models, but the moment you have them, you paint them, and add them to the Army is quite regarding.
I have been lucky to get in touch to very good collectors through the Oldhammer Facebook Group who have helped me get the most difficult models. I have to say that the Oldhammer Community is probably the best Warhammer Community I have ever been part of.
On the not so good side, you also have some other times when you buy a big lot and find out that some of the figures are clones, or they are in a very bad shape. Or some other times when you see the miniatures being traded by two or three times their real value, the prices on the overall Oldhammer market have been raising quite sharply since 2014 at least, which is when I started to look into it. And as they have told me, they have been sky rocketing since 2010, let's see how far we get.

Although I am officially closing this project now, I could still grow it a bit more.
If I were to use it right now in Warhammer 8th ed. or The Ninth Age, I believe I would need to add a few more slaves, another unit of gutter runners, a few more rat ogres, possibly a few more clanrats and also I would like to create another one of those giant standards... but I have reached the original goal so it is time to close and focus on the next projects.

I did not manage to take a good Army picture, even though I tried with many different sources of light, in the end I settled for these three takes with a mix of natural light and artificial.

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