Monday, 24 April 2017


I was not planning on getting another Dreadnought, but it came with a package deal I bought from a friend, so I could not say no.
I painted already two of these, back in March 2016, so I tried to match this one to the same style.
It is not the Betrayal at Calth plastic model, but rather the Forgeworld Sons of Horus model, which has plenty of details compared to his counterparts.
Again, in this model I tried to minimize the weathering, compared to the other two, and I used pigments and enamels for it, so I believe the weathering here looks a bit more realistic, even though it is still too much, I need to keep trying.

I have magnetized both arms so I can choose the weapons.

For this picture I have chosen a Chainfist and a Volkite Culverin, which I believe I had not shown here earlier.

This adds 125 points to the Army, depending on the weapons chosen.
Painted in 2017.

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