Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rat Ogres

After a short break I am finally back with some painted skavens.

These are four classic Rat Ogres. Since I didn't want them to be identical as there are two models I converted two of them, and kept only two original.
The conversions are pretty straight forward, I just replaced the weapons with others coming from the plastic ogre sprue and for one of them I added a claw with some chain.
I am particularly happy with how the bases end up in this case as I included some skulls and broken dwarf shields, but unfortunately in these pictures you can't tell due to the angle. I hope to get different angles in future posts.

As I final touch I added some tribal markings on the fur inspired by the ones used in Nico's skavens as well as some scars done with light brown over the skin.

All of them were painted in 2015.

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