Monday, 24 September 2018


Although this figure is not really oldhammer, I always loved it, therefore, I chose it long ago to be THE monster of my Chaos Warband. I bought it second hand, so it is the metal one, not the resin copy, it weights quite a lot, although the assembly was great.
I have chosen a simple classic palette to paint it, brownish flesh and green for the dragon body, then some red and gold for the armour and such.
I am quite satisfied with the overall look, it is quite menacing.
The blood on the blade took me a while to prepare, as I wanted a kind of splash effect and somehow the feel of different layers and different shades of blood, you can tell me if I managed to do it or not.
All in all it was a real pleasure to paint this, I tried a few new things on the flesh and the results were quite good, so I will keep on using them.
But I am also happy that I got to finish it as it has been standing in my pile of to-do for over a year.
Painted in 2018

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