Monday, August 29, 2016

Screaming Bell

With this miniature I just finished my marathon of skaven painting for the summer.

As you may have notice, I am trying really hard to finish the project this year and avoid dragging it for another one. Right now, after the check from the other day, I only have 15 skavens left to paint, and another 20 that I need to buy to fill-up some units. Therefore I am almost done with the project! Actually, even if I do not buy these 20, the project could be considered done, but I'd rather have the complete army.

In order to paint the Screaming Bell, I looked for inspiration in old White Dwarfs as well as in illustrations. In particular I was looking at the cover of the 4th edition Army Book, in which the Bell is shown with a bright bronze colour. I decided I wanted to paint it in bronze as well, with shades of green to show the influence of Warpstone.

Cover of 4th ed. Army Book
I remembered that Nico painted his Bell in bronze, so after checking his post I decided to use a very similar scheme.
In the end the war machine is painted in brown, green, bronze and boltgun metal. Very limited palette, but I believe the result is interesting, with stark contrasts.
I painted the Grey Seer robes in white and light grey, with some runes, similar to the one on the cover, the staff is painted using the same techniques as in the Bell, as if it was some kind of relic.

After painting this miniature, I have added the incredible amount of 327 points for the Grey Seer for 3rd edition, although the Screaming Bell did not exist back then, or 340 points for the Grey Seer plus 200 for the Screaming Bell for 4th edition!!

Painted in 2016

Gnawdoom approves!
Here I am showing the Screaming Bell powered by the horde. All of my clanrats are pushing it towards the enemy!

I have decided not to glue the figures and the bell to the base, in order to transport it better. Additionally the Grey Seer can be used without the Bell, as I prepared a normal base for him. I did the same for the slave, although I doubt I will use him, although it could make a nice Plague Monk.