Monday, 17 August 2015

Classic Doombull

Even though I own several Chaos miniatures and armies, for some reason, I never had any Minotaur, so when I saw one of the classic models for cheap on evilBay I decided to grab it for me!

Well, now that I think of it, perhaps it's not so classic, I believe it was released in the mid '90s but I have only been able to find it on the 1998 Catalog. Maybe some reader can provide a more accurate date.

This miniature is quite big and is made of metal, so I spent several hours drilling holes in all components to make sure I could pin them afterwards. It is also pinned to the base, actually it took me a while to find the right balance to have it standing on top of the uneven terrain.
I had to drill several holes on the feet and then counterbalance the position of the figure with some weights on the base so that it looks that it is leaning a bit. Compared to any other regular size fantasy figure, it is quite massive and tricky to find the right position!

The miniature itself is well sculpt and there were no major flaws, I enjoyed a lot painting it. On retrospective, I should have chosen a different skin tone, but overall, I am happy with the result.
He will be part of my Chaos band if I ever get to play any RoC game.

Painted in 2015

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