Monday, August 24, 2015

Aekold Helbrass

This is one of my favourite Chaos miniatures of all time.

I bought it for cheap on evil Bay, even though he was without the standard, I still decided to grab him. After that, I was lucky enough to make a trade on the Oldhammer Facebook group to get a brand new standard for him.

Aekold will be the champion of my RoC chaos band, if I ever get to play, that is.

I decided to paint him with a colour scheme a bit different from the classical one.
The classic one depicts him as a Chaos Elf more or less. He has silver chainmail, blue clothes and red gems. I wanted to have a weird colour scheme to clearly set him aside, so I decided to go full Tzeentch and use as many different colours as I was able to fit. I am really satisfied with the result, although there are some areas were I need to improve, such as the sword...

I tried some new techniques such as wet blending, as expected, I did not get them right, I need to keep on practicing. The best part is the multi coloured chainmail, I think. Nevertheless it is nice to keep on trying and see some improvements in some areas.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get proper photos as I am not used to have this many colours in one single miniature, either I got it too bright or too dark, so I hope you can still check it out. I tried playing a bit with the settings on Photoshop, but I might have made it worse.

Painted in 2015.

Here you can see my attempt at wet blending on the sword. The standard looks better I would say.

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