Thursday, 27 February 2020

Neophyte Hybrids (IV)

The Army is almost ready!

Here are the last 10 count as Neophytes. Since the release of the new Necromunda I wanted to paint one of the bands, and from my point of view the sculpts for the Delaque are among the best, so I needed to find a way to incorporate them into the Army.
With the Genestealer Cult background is quite easy in fact to add almost any kind of troop you want, as the Cult might have infiltrated anywhere. I decided these guys will be the elite that is pulling the strings of the Cult while at the same time maintaining a presence on the Hive.

The miniatures are a pleasure to paint and the sculpts superb. The scheme I have decided to follow is quite dark but fits them well.
Instead of browns that were used by the 'Eavy Metal Studio, I decided to use grey with a dark wash on top of the highlights to tune them down a bit. Weapons and other details were painted without metal paints in order to make them stand out compared to the rest of the Army, they are the Elite after all!
In order to tie them up with the Genestealer theme, I have painted in violet the snakes (Delaque symbol) as well as adding some violet glazes to the extremely pale skin.

While I tried to keep the paint job still quite fast, in order to get them ready soon, I spent three times as much time with them as with the other Neophytes. They are not at a very high level, but at least all details are taken care of and I gave them a few simple highlights.

Just five to go!

Done (94)
  • 40 Genestealers
  • 1 Broodlord
  • 3 Ripper Swarms
  • 1 Patriarch
  • 1 Neurothrope
  • 1 Primus
  • 34 Neophyte
  • 10 Aberrants
  • 1 Abominant
  • 2 Familiars
Pending (5)
  • 1 Clamavus
  • 1 Kelermorph
  • 3 Metamorph
Painted in 2020.

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