Monday, 11 February 2019

Acolyte Hybrids

After three consecutive posts that contain only text it is finally time to show some painted figures!
At the end of 2018 I posted the Genestealers and Aberrants for my Kill-Team, it is finally turn for the Acolyte Hybrids. 

For this year I have pretty ambitious goals, as I plan to paint over 100 miniatures. In order to make it, I really need to speed up my painting. With that in mind, I have decided not to spend more than 1 hour per miniature with the Cult. That translates as shortcuts and leaving stuff with just a plain colour and wash in most of the cases.

The palette is also quite limited, which helps in being fast. Here is the recipe for painting cult members, for the Genestealer parts I refer to my recipe in an older post.

The list of colours used are:
Game Color
  • Terracota
  • Silver
  • Tinny Tin
  • Bright Bronze
  • Wolf Grey
  • Black
  • Squid Pink
  • Charred Brown
  • Magic Blue
Panzer Aces
  • USMC Tankcrew
Model Color
  • Flat Flesh
  • Gunmetal Grey
  • Beige Brown
  • Xereus Purple
Game Color Wash
  • Sepia
Game Ink
  • Skin Wash
  • Brown
Army Painter Quickshade
  • Dark Tone
  • Strong Tone
I always start up by painting the most messy parts of the miniature, which in this case is the areas that I need to dry-brush, the genestelear parts. After the dry-brushing is done I paint all the base colours:
  • the skin and armour with Wolf Grey
  • clothes with Beige Brown
  • Grenades with USMC Tankcrew
  • Golden stuff with Tinny Tin
  • Red parts with Terracota
  • Leather straps with Charred Brown
  • Metal with Gunmetal Grey
After that, all colours are set, I go for washes:
  • skin is washed directly on top of the Wolf Grey with Skin Wash
  • Armour is washed directly on top of the Wolf Grey with Sepia Wash
  • Metal is washed with Strong Tone
  • Leather and clothes are carefully washed with Dark Tone, so that not the whole surface is covered
After the washes are dry, I go for final highlight:
  • a bit of Terracota if needed to cover areas where the wash was not correctly applied
  • Beige Brown on clothes and one extra highlight with a bit of Bone mixed in
  • Silver to highlight metals and add scratches to weapons
  • Bright Bronze to highlight golden parts
  • Squid Pink for the tongue if applicable
  • Bone for teeth if applicable
  • Flat flesh to highlight skin
Paint the base and we are done!

Of course the final result is not really good but because they go onto nice Sector Imperialis bases from GW the end result is more than enough to serve its purpose on the battlefield!

Here are the first three Acolytes for the team.

Painted in 2019

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