Monday, 19 November 2018


These are the first two miniatures I have painted for my Genestealer Cult Kill Team.

I decided I would go for a classic look with blues and purples and a fast paint scheme, so that I can have it ready for battle fast and can reuse the techniques to paint my Space Hulk that has been sitting on the shelf for way too long.

Because I know that I am not a fast painter, I decided to do two things to force myself to paint faster: limit the amount of time I would spent per miniature and limit the techniques, using for example plenty of dry-brush, which is something I seldom use.

To begin with, I set my eyes on the excellent Genestealer Cult from Keyan Sark, because I know he paints really fast and with great quality.
After re-reading all of his posts I was happy to see that he shared all the recipes to paint them, so I decided I would try to clone it. Unfortunately, my dry-bush skills are by far not the same, and I failed at applying it in a layered approach to generate the different shades of blue on the caparace, so in the end, I needed to adjust it with some edge highlighting, but I hope to get better at it with the next ones.

For the bases, I bought a couple of sets of the plastic Imperial ones from GW, in fact I wanted the Necromunda ones but I could not find them so I settled for this. I have to say that a mediocre job paint as I have here, with these nice bases, make up for a good miniature overall.

The recipe is as follows:
  1. Chaos Black basecoat
  2. Dry-bush enchanted blue + black with more blue in each stage to get a layered look
  3. Final highlight with enchanted blue and enchanted blue + white
  4. Purple for the skin, dark wash and purple + pink for highlight
  5. Pink for the tongue
  6. Bone for teeth
  7. Claws go in black + edge highlight with Space Wolves Grey

Painted in 2018

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