Friday, 12 January 2018

Heavy Support Squad (II)

First post of the year 2018!

The last post of the Sons of Horus was back in November, but I have to say that these guys were painted in December, unfortunately, I did not have time to make proper photos until recently.

But the interesting bit is that the previous Heavy Support Squad that I showed here was posted in May 2016. so, more than a year after their colleagues were ready for battle, this ones are ready!

These six space marines add an impressive amount of 365 points to the Army.

Painted in 2017.

These two marines with Lascannon are not a unit, as the minimum size is four plus Sergeant, but as I got them as part of a bigger package with more marines, I could not say no, so I went ahead and painted them already. Perhaps they will see the Battlefield at some point!

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