Tuesday, 20 September 2016


As part of my Skaven Collection I want to have all characters from 4th edition.
I already shared Lord Skrolk and Deathmaster Snikch, after adding Thanquol today, only Ikit Claw and Queek are missing.

The Thanquol I bought was not in perfect condition, as the previous owner decided to remove the staff. I anyway decided to buy it regardless of that, as part of a bigger package, and park it until I had time to rebuild the staff.

You can see here a pic from the catalog, for the original model.

Below there are a couple of pictures of the unpainted staff that I modeled with greenstuff, plasticard and some wire. My goal was to have a wooden staff with a Skaven symbol on top, warpstone and some scrolls for runes. I think the result is acceptable, although not great.

The colour scheme I have chosen is white, grey and red, to keep it in sync with the rest of the Grey Seers of the Army. The only change I have done in this case is to paint the eyes green and with a bit of glow of effect, to show that Thanquol is addicted to Warpstone.

Thanquol adds 380 points to a 4th ed. Army, in 3rd ed. I can just use him as a regular Grey Seer for 327 points, without magical equipment.

Painted in 2016

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