Friday, 17 April 2015

Second wave is here!

I have finally managed to get back to paint some rats.
As I already painted the plague censer bearers I decided to continue with the Pestilens folk and paint the plague monks.
I have used the basing technique I described in my previous post but to be honest I am not entirely satisfied with it. I have also tried to paint the side in brown as suggested by some fellow oldhammerer but that also I did not like. So for now I leave them like this and perhaps when I find something better I will revisit them. At least it is a simple scheme that could be easily adapted.

As for the monks themselves I have followed a straight forward technique, although they have taken me more time than expected. I have limited the palette to browns, greens and in general putrid colours and I have used strong contrast. As a final touch I used a teeth brush to snap some ink on the clothing to add to the general dirty looking.
I have had a problem making the photos as I found out I can make decent ones for one or two figures but so far I have not been able to make good unit photos, so, as a result, expect poor quality photos in this post.

Let's check the minis, first one is Lord Skrolk, a favourite of mine. I am pretty satisfied with the result even though the staff needs more work but I am leaving him at this stage, after all, there are still 100+ rats to be painted.

Next we have the command group. The one on the left is the hero of the unit and in the middle we have a Plague Priest. For some reason he reminds me of Richelieu from the Dogtanian tv series so I have named him "Richelieu"
Command unit with my own Richelieu
Original Richelieu from Dogtanian
For painting the banner I have followed the excellent tutorial by Nico, I am pretty happy with the weathering effects so I am looking forward to the next one!

Horrible blurry picture of the unit
This is only the second unit painted, which consists of 16 plague monks and Lord Skrolk. Although that is not enough monks, as I wanted to have at least 20, I am moving onto the next unit for now.

Next in line are the jezzails and warpfire throwers.
To recap, here is the updated wishlist with the units I have managed to acquire so far. I have stopped buying more stuff until I get at least 50% of this painted!

  • 1 unit of clanrats
  • 1 unit of clanrats
  • 2 warpfire throwers
  • 4 poison wind globadiers
  • 1 unit of slaves
  • 1 unit of stormvermin
  • 1 unit of gutter runners
  • 1 unit of plague monks
  • 6 plague censor bearers
  • 4 rat ogres
  • 1 unit of giant rats
  • doomwheel
  • giant bell
  • 2 jezzails
  • 2 jezzails

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