Monday, August 21, 2017

Legion Sicaran

Just after I took the photos of the last post, and before starting the holidays, I managed to get a few hours free, so I thought that I could start the Sicaran... to my surprise I managed to finish it, as even though it is quite massive, I used the same technique as with the Rhinos, so it was quite fast.
The technique is just: apply plain colours, a bit of highlight on the borders and lots of weathering. In fact with this technique the tanks and Walkers are finished quite fast and with an acceptable result.

The sponsors are magnetized, so I can choose from either the Lascannons or the Heavy Bolters. Both are shown in the pictures.

When I was almost done I had a small disaster, as I spilled a whole bottle of white spirit that I use to dissolve the pigments and to apply weathering... after some swearing and lots of paper towels, I contained the problem, but some parts of the tank were affected. I repainted them, but I think I can still see the effects, in any case, I will leave it like this for now, perhaps in the future I can repaint it a bit more.
Only one tank left in the Army, the Spartan!

This tank adds 135 points.

Painted in 2017

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