Monday, 11 April 2016

Clanrats (I)

After working a bit on the Sons of Horus I have managed to paint a some rats for my ever growing army.

I have painted 12 plastic clan rats using the usual techniques. Main colors are brown and green with a bit of red on some shields.
The shields used are the original ones, that show a mix of different icons.
Painted in 2016

I wanted to know how many points I have painted so far so here is a small recap.
Note that I have used italics for 4th edition.

Total for 3rd edition excluding magical objects: 1308
Total for 4th edition excluding magical objects: 1128,5

Which means I am getting closer to the 1500 barrier but I am still not able to fill up the minimum amount of rats needed for a basic clanrat unit. So that will be my next target, painting another 10 or 20 of those.

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