Monday, 21 December 2015

Sons of Horus Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of my Sons of Horus Army.

I have managed to build up all the miniatures and while I was thinking about possible army lists I decided I need another Betrayal box!

I wanted to make a list roughly like...

  • 2 squads of 12-15 legionaries with boltgun
  • 4 squads of 6 legionaries with special weapons (plasma and melta gun)
  • 4 squads of 6 legionaries with heavy weapons (heavy bolter and missile launcher)
  • 1 squad of terminators
  • 2 Dreadnoughts
  • 1 Sicaran Battle Tank

I will only use one squad of terminators because I want to buy Loken and Abaddon.
I will paint one as Justaerin and use them when playing Abaddon and the others as regular legionaries on terminator armour (green colour) to use them when using Loken and loyalist Sons of Horus.

It has taken me more time than expected to assemble them because I have drilled all the holes for the guns, modelled with green stuff some eyes of Horus, modelled the bases and in general cleaned up very carefully all mold lines I could see, although I am sure I will eventually find more...

For the bases I have used the usual. Pieces of cork, plasticard and bits from the bitzbox to simulate urban terrain and a thick layer of Red Oxid Paste from Vallejo, that once dried simulates the rock texture.

For the eyes of Horus, instead of doing one and making copies using a mold, I have modelled each one, only because I am very bad with green stuff and I want to practice more...

As for the Dreadnought, I have taken it apart and assembled again using magnets to reposition the legs and the torso, I will make a step by step post later on.

Here are some pics of the assembled figures. It starts to look like an army! :)

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